Styling lesson No9 Silks

Recently I’ve seen lots and lots of people wearing silks, that’s not a problem. Most of the silks I see people wearing all look the same, they aren’t unique and have a ‘slave’ feel to them. I was talking to someone recently and he has some silks, and I asked if he wanted to look like a slave or were they the best silks he could fine, and to my surprise he didn’t want to look like a slave at all. (I have nothing against those who go with the whole ‘slave’ theme)

So I started a search to find some unique and stylish silks that EVERYONE could wear, not just the slaves!

I ended up at House of Alcott. To be honest, I was totally amazed with the choice here, and the designs were great, really unique and just what I was looking for! The owner Cale Alcott is a very talented designer and a really nice guy!

So guys! If you wanna look sexy and hot in silks but don’t want the fear of a Master asking you to be his ‘boi’ then get down to House of Alcott

Below are some of mine and Cale Alcott’s favourites 🙂 Hope you all like them! xxxxxx (click the images to see them full size)

Skins used – Both skins are John Paine Tone 1&4 from Signature Skins

All silks purchased from House of Alcott


Styling Lesson No8 – City Chic

Hello again, its time for a new lesson! Sit comfortable and try to memorize all the useful info…

Even though I was away for quite a long, I realized that  SL male style philosophy still follows the same old path. ” I am gonna dress just  like the guy I saw at that funky club yesterday!” . “What? I look like a clone? F#@K that! Who cares!”  . Well many people DO!  Its really gets frustrating to watch avatar clones walking by you or talking to you. This is not the Star Wars ya know!  Another funny thing is that usually they just copy a style that someone put together without putting any special effort. Oh wrong!  It can be challenging to put attachments in every attachment spot you have in your avatar..including the new double ones…LOL

Anyways,  my look today developed around the new awesome Riding boots from Hoorenbeek that if you hurry a bit you’ re gonna get in the special offer of 200L! City chic..I kept the rest of the outfit  simple because the boots are very impressing alone. I loved the dark gray combination of clothing with the tan leather of the boots to add some contrast to the final looks.

As for the rest of accesories tried to keep them at minimum as always…you know my moto “Don’t look like a circus”. I ll never stop repeating that. Maybe someone, somewhere, sometime will listen that simple rule.

Hope you like it! Till next time be safe and have fun!

Skin: *REDGRAVE* 07 Tan Skin -Tyson-

Eyes: +plus “Brown Eyes”

Hair: [ EGO ] MAR – Chestnut –

Shirt: MOGU :: Gradation Knit gray

Pants: +KiiToS!! Sinilintu+ Sarrouel Pants *Gray Brown*

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Riding Boots – Tan

Scarf: {theosophy} Auldearn Scarf (Coal)

Necklace: ::: B@R ::: Wood Plate Necklace  (part of set)

Gloves: [VG] – ‘Brody Gloves’ in Dirt  (no longer available)

Suitcase: Old Suitcase

Sunglasses: Mathias’ Vintage Brown ‘Masciano’ Wayfarers (free)

Styling Lesson No7 – Country Chic

Hello all,

its been a really long time since my last post…and the last time I logged in SL. Gladly I am back now and I have a lot of things to catch up with! I really enjoyed putting together a comfy and chic outfit and hope you like it too. Country chic…All you need is a great pair of cowboy boots from hoorenbeek to get the style.

I added the new leather jacket from Aoharu and kept accessories to minimum. Remember guys! You DON’T want to look like a circus! People must be able to see YOU under all the earrings , necklaces and bracelets! An advice that only a few people follow in SL sadly!!

Till next time…Take care, have fun and enjoy shopping!

Skin: *REDGRAVE* 07 Tan Skin -Tyson-

Eyes: +plus “Brown Eyes”

Hair: SOREAL Original Rasta Bun V2

Jacket: AOHARU_LeatherBlouson_withShirt_LightBrown

Sweater: MAKNIE**Loose shirt(white)

Jeans: AOHARU_Jeans_VintageCrashed_Dark

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Cowboy Boots – Men – Beige

Sunglasses: [Armidi Gisaci] Lifestyle Aviators – Black

Bag: [BUKKA]LeatherBag ::welcome gift:: (touch subscribe board)

Mouth: [SC] Surf Couture – Chewing Wheat (old gift – no longer available)

Tattoo: Aitui Tattoo- Vintage Hawaii/faded/

Poses: =IZUMIYA=