Skin Review – John Paine By Signature Skin Labs

Hello again,

I promised to write a detailed review about the latest skin release from Signature Skin Labs and so…here goes!

We all guys are familiar with the lack of male skin variety in SL, so any addition in  skins I think its great news! But we can’t blame the skin creators at all guys can we? Check your inventory and count how many skins you have in there! One? Two? When its the last time you felt the need to change the way you look? I mean honestly, men tend to buy one skin they like and stick with it for ages! Sometimes its the lack of male skins itself and we don’t find anything we like too much to change our skin. But guys I have news for you! John Paine has arrived and he rocks!

Simple Spad, the man behind Signature Labs presented lately his brand new line of skins with highlight the release of John Paine Skin. In my opinion this skin is the best work Simple has presented so far, paying extreme attention to shading and also to body and face skin  texture.

Josh Paine shades

John Paine comes in 4 different tones to suit any preference from pale to deep tan skin. In each Tone you can find 9 different facial hair to choose and 1 shaved look with eyeliner (which is my best as always!). The skin is available in hair and non hair base in each package. The hair texture on the scalp is great and has absolutely no seams at all, so you can easily choose not to wear any prim hair if you like the short look! I love the eyebrows and the lips and and and..well everything in this face is just awesome and sexy.

John Paine facial

As for the body, the shading and the texture is very detailed making this skin rated as one of the most realistic skins available on the grid, giving muscular look to any avatar shape and height. I really love the thighs and the back.  You can purchase the shape of John Paine from Signature Skin Labs to get the exact same looks. This is the shape I ‘ve put on today, but I made the body much slimmer to fit my taste.

John Paine body

So guys, go and try some demos NOW!

See you soon!



  1. Dominic Palisades · November 6, 2009

    Wonderful post Hermes. This skin look awesome! /me runs to grab the demos :)))

  2. Chance Greatrex · November 8, 2009

    /me runs faster to grab demos!

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