Styling Lesson No6 – Dress for Winter!

Hello again!

Its really late at night as I am writing this, almost 3.30 a.m. and its actually the first day in Greece that is a bit cold! To be honest, this summer was too long, so I am happy for first time in my life that winter is closing. Caught in this winter mood , I decided to show you a style I love. I hope you like it too!

Hermes  no6

Its  since 2006 that the fashion moto is “Grey is the new Black”. All the last seasons grey is so popular in both male and female fashion scene. Its softer than black and yeah I admit it,  I love it as much I love black. The outfit highlight is off course the stunning dark gray coat from Laqroki. I added a gray turtleneck sweater from [savvy avvy] and paired it with a gray faded jeans from Damiani that is actually a last night group gift from Pompeja. Lastly the (cant find any good word to describe) latest Patagonia Boots from [ hoorenbeek ] and a pair of a great detailed vision glasses from Kalnins. Just wanted to mention here, that the quality and the detail of the entire glasses line of Maris Kanto  is something to admire! I finished the look with the fab hair with hat from Gritty Kitty, in  which I modified the bangs quite a lot to fit my taste.

The stunning skin I am wearing is Kalil from Signature Skins (creator:  Simple Spad). I must tell you that from the moment my eye dropped on that skin I was instantly in love. I always search for skins that make me differ from the typical  tanned Caucasian stereotype, mainly because I am not like that in RL. Diversity FTW! And this skin has all the main features I was looking for a long time. Spad made exceptional work on the face especially the on the eyebrows which are gorgeous. Be sure to go and try a demo as soon as possible!

In my next post I ll show you more skins (including this) from Spad including the one he is about to release that is absolutely amazing in a detailed review! Beware! I ll show myself with undies! LOL

See you soon! And go for shopping NOW!!!!

Skin: <SIGNATURE> Kalil -Tone 2- Eyeliner

Eyes: +plus “Gray Eyes”

Hair: Gritty Kitty: BLACK Comrad

Coat: Laqroki ~ Dark Grey High Collar Coat

Sweater: [savvy avvy] mens rollneck sweater – grey

Jeans: Damiani Group gift//Rebel Jeans

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Patagonia 2.0 Loose – Used Black

Glasses: Kalnins Optics Glasses – Faust #4 v1.45



  1. Skylar Docherty · October 15, 2009

    love this post! always love how winter can be so stylish, great post!

  2. Lucien Brentano · October 23, 2009

    Oh, very nice. Love that jacket…

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