Styling Lesson No5 – Everyday Essentials : Be Comfy!

Hello everybody! Been a while since my last post… but I really feel passionate about this one. So I hope you enjoy!

So, the thing is, we all have our everyday comfort clothes, right? I was looking around and noticed that I didn’t have much of a “everday” style. Most things were dressed up or dressed down, no in-between. So this post is all about being comfy everyday but still having that fabulous style about you. The essentials for everyday comfort have to be a nice comfy pair of jeans or pants! For this post I decided to go with blue jeans, since like 70% of my inventory is black and I don’t want all my posts looking similar!  For the top, I went with a very nice everyday jumper/shirt combo. For the shoes, I went with the AMAZING Kalnins Braxters, these trainers are just great, in quality and price! They look really good on! So that’s my everyday look, with the glasses and ciggie added for a little edge. And there you have it, we don’t have to look like we just fell off vivian westoods handbag of fashion everyday! Sometimes it’s just as good to go with the more relaxed (yet still stylish) look!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Kisses and hugs to you all xx


P.S Go to ‘Kalnins Fashion’ which is really really great! Some very good quality items at very reasonable prices. Make sure you stop by this shop for some of the essentials men!

Items I’m wearing:

Skin:  Rex Tone 3 from Signature Skins

Jeans: (Elephant Outfitters) Classic Elephant Jeans – Dirty Light from Elephant Outfitters at Armidi

Hair: Dan-Hair Type-B-Mocha from Uw.St

Glasses/Ciggie: FNKY Agent Glasses FNKY Cigarette II (long ash) both from FNKY

Shirt: +grasp+/Layered Shirts/black+Dot_white from +grasp+

Trainers: Braxterz V1.7 from Kalnins Fashion


One comment

  1. Hermes Andel · October 14, 2009

    Comfy FTW!

    Great post Sky!

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