Hello everybody!

Hello!! Welcome to our brand new blog! (Yaaay!!!) The idea behind the blog is to help filter out all the noob looking
$5 hooker whores! We want to show how you can look sexy and stylish without selling your soul to the god of hookers.
We are real bargain hunters and love to hunt them down, far and wide all over SL. With this blog we are aiming to show the modern SL man
how to look like a real man! (Yes! We will NOT be using women’s handbags in our posts!) and dress like a sexy beast
without looking like you fell off a runway and hit every whore on the way down (lol), and without spending an absolute
fortune! One thing we have noticed is that noob clothing is normally the most expensive!! (can you believe it??)
So somebody has to stand up and show the men how it’s done! Great shopping without the HUGE price tag!

We are fun loving guys and have nothing against those certain gay men who dress like a used thong (really, we don’t).
The only thing we are sick of, is seeing the typical generic thong wearing, chest hairing, ass blaring
style of your average gay and even straight man on SL.

And remember!! If you see man on the street wearing a womans handbag, what will you do?? Throw an egg at him!!


One comment

  1. Trevor Turner · October 18, 2009

    Awesome blog you guys! Just found it today. Definitely going to be following from now on.

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