Style Lesson No 3 – Small Avatars!

OK! So, we’ve all seem them……….. the little tiny avatar shapes. Ya know the ones, the little guys with paper thongs on and huge moon boots. What’s with these guys??? Like the little guys can’t have any fashion taste what-so-ever?? They must be dressed like little fairy tramps?? Well NO!! Small doesn’t mean small taste, it’s just a size! Don’t get me wrong, not all the smaller avatars out there dress like this. Just the majority of what  I’ve seen. So this has inspired my new post, to show that little can still be stylish and sexy! Throw away those paper thongs people and grab some sexy jeans!!! XxXxX

skylar small

Sky is wearing:

Skin/Hair – Item- [B] Eric /+cherry+, Fate Tan o1 #A From- .:Imaginary_Fate_Main_Store:.

Pants/Shirt – Item – !ZB Vneck(Red), Sekh Jeans (Black) From – Zoobong

Shoes – Item – PornStar Xtra Hi Tops From – Urban Bomb Unit

Scarf – Item- Sey Afgan Stole From – :sey

Bracers – Item – Azazel Bracer From –  SiniStyle Design


Styling Lesson No2 – Wardrobe Essentials : The Trench Coat!

There are some specific items that every man must have in his closet. One of the top priorities is the classic trench coat. There is no man that doesn’t look good in one and its so versatile that can be matched even with jeans for a more casual look. If you don’t want to look like a 20’s police agent be sure to avoid big fedora hats and remember to keep the accessories to a minimum. BLING OFF! The coat alone makes the statement!

So if your SL closet doesn’t include one…go and buy one NOW!

menipulation coat2

Hermes is wearing:

Skin: <TheAbyss> [ SKIN ][ Adam Crius_Origin ][ Chin Beard ]

Hair: Aitui – Hair – The Scheduler – Black

Coat: !_Ce Cubic effect Leather Coat(Black)

Shirt: Schadenfreude White Oxford Shirt

Tie: Schadenfreude Electro-Cute Skull Necktie (edited)

Cardigan: A:S:S – Sloppy Cardigan

Pants: Emery – Daft pants

Boots: ROT test boots

Sunglasses: Emery – Sunglasses Aviator (Silver Frames)

Cigarette: .:Hermony:. FilterCigarette

Styling Lesson No1 – Back To Basics!

Riano is a great shop. Still new but becoming one of our all time favourite places to shop.

Here are a few reasons why:

The detail on all the clothing here is incredible, all are hand drawn by the owner (Ravi Lorefield).

Choice of clothing is great, something to suit every taste and style.

While the shop is still new, it’s becoming a big name in the male fashion world.

We highly recommend you stop by this fabulous shop and take a look at some of the beauties it has to offer.

styling lesson 1a

Sky is wearing:

Skin: Belleza ewan Tan 6-E

Hair: Ilias Mesh Black

Tattoo: Tiki Tattoo Raivavae

T-shirt: Riano Fuck Love (red)

Pants: +grasp+ leather pants/01/mens

Boots: Kboots

Belt: : :sey DekaLogoBelt “Rock”

Sunglasses: FNKY! FreeBase (Black)

Nails: SiniStyle Taped Fingers W/ Black Nails

styling lesson 1b

Hermes is wearing:

Skin: <TheAbyss> [ SKIN ][ Adam Crius_Origin ][ Chin Beard ]

Hair: CheerNo.HairDesing – JAJAY Simple Black Pearl

Ears: Aitui – Gauged Ears – Plug Case – Designs #1

T-shirt: :[Riano]: Hot Like Fire T-shirt (Yellow)

Pants: !ZB: Fleece Pants – Black

Sneakers: [*RG*] Athlete Sneakers -Black/Grey-

Sunglasses: The NakedTree – FunkyShades (not available anymore)

Elbow Warmers: [CIVVIES] Tube Sock Elbow Warmers – Gray – Dirty

Hello everybody!

Hello!! Welcome to our brand new blog! (Yaaay!!!) The idea behind the blog is to help filter out all the noob looking
$5 hooker whores! We want to show how you can look sexy and stylish without selling your soul to the god of hookers.
We are real bargain hunters and love to hunt them down, far and wide all over SL. With this blog we are aiming to show the modern SL man
how to look like a real man! (Yes! We will NOT be using women’s handbags in our posts!) and dress like a sexy beast
without looking like you fell off a runway and hit every whore on the way down (lol), and without spending an absolute
fortune! One thing we have noticed is that noob clothing is normally the most expensive!! (can you believe it??)
So somebody has to stand up and show the men how it’s done! Great shopping without the HUGE price tag!

We are fun loving guys and have nothing against those certain gay men who dress like a used thong (really, we don’t).
The only thing we are sick of, is seeing the typical generic thong wearing, chest hairing, ass blaring
style of your average gay and even straight man on SL.

And remember!! If you see man on the street wearing a womans handbag, what will you do?? Throw an egg at him!!