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Styling Lesson No11 – Casual is cool

Hiya 😀

I’ve got so much stuff that I really don’t know what to blog about! That’s true, sometimes changing for the day can be a real bummer, but you’ve got to remember that it’s for a good cause!

So today, messing up with my inventory, I ended up like this. In my opinion it’s a cool casual outfit, neither too posh nor flashy:

The sweater is part of the great down jacket you can find in AOHARU that comes in 3 different layers. So you can choose the combination you like the most!

Hope you like it!

SKIN from – : <TheAbyss> [ SKIN ][ Dave Gears_Light ][ Stubble_Freckles ]

HAIR and BEANIE from – :  *DROT* (The Kenji -Auburn) and  ( The Beanie)

JACKET and SHIRT from – : AOHARU (BT_DownJK_with_Sweater_Purple_[Male]  and  BT_DrapeNeck_T-Shirt_Border/Gray)

SUNGLASSES from – : ARMIDI [Armidi Gisaci] Lifestyle Aviators

BELT from – : :SEY :(Deka Logo Belt “KISS”)

PANTS from – : EMERY ( Jean Skinny Passe M #Yell)

SHOES from – :  *ordinary design* -Cebidae-

Skin Review – Redgrave Craig/King

Hi guys! It’s time for another skin review..! I’m honored to be able to show you these skins, they are of amazing quality and are very realistic.

So we all know REDGRAVE right? I’m pretty sure most of you actually already own skins from here.

Recently some new skins have been released, and they are very hi-def. Not only that, the choice and selection of each skin is great, there’s surely something for everyone. As I’ve mentioned before, REDGRAVE skins are very reasonable in price, much cheaper than most other big name skin shops and actually, the skins are much better quality then anything I’ve found before.

So I’ll start showing you the pics!

The Craig skin. This skin is a younger male and I think it’s actually designed around someone in RL. Choice in skin tones and features is wide, something there for everyone. I personally love this skin because it goes with pretty much all my inventory clothing and hair. When I’ve worn this skin people have complimented me and asked where it’s from (which I gladly tell them). It’s a personal favourite of mine and I’m sure many of  you guys out there will LOVE it! Also, the skin is available in many tones/hair/bald/bodyhair. So go try a demo and buy it if you love it! Enjoy.

Now onto the King skin. This skin is very unique actually, it has a more mature feel to it and the detail is outstanding. Getting a demo of this this is a must! I love this skin for the fact that it proves that the more mature man can be just as sexy as a younger one but in different ways. It’s a very attractive skin and I wish to see more of it around SL! Lol. So guys, get the demo or get the skin 🙂 and enjoy it! This skin is also available in many tones, with or without bodyhair and more.

Now for something that I wasn’t expecting to see but came at a pleasant surprise. The King skin BUT with FX! If you’re confused as to what that means then take a look below. King FX is a multitude of different effects, like scars/blood/black eyes and many more. It’s definitely very unique and a must must must see! Again, go grab demo’s to see the whole selection.

So there you have it! My review on some of the fabulous REDGRAVE skins! Hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing 🙂

Skins from – REGRAVE

Styling Lesson No10 – Comfy Fashion Part 2

Hello everybody!

This is my very first post in this blog, so I really hope you will appreciate it 🙂

You gotta know that  -yes- I LOVE Fashion with a capital F, but I’m also VERY  partial to comfort. So I often like to mix the two things together: the result is usually a wonderful look that’s easy to wear, sexy and fashionable like the one I’m gonna introduce you:

As for the sweater, it’s from [Sleepy Eddy], a little shop with very high quality clothes, we all want it to expand so we will have brand new stuff, dont we? So go and spend your money there 😀

The pants are from .:VILLENA:. and come in a wide range of colours for your personal tastes.

And -hear ye!-, hair, scarf and undies are amazing freebies! -for those who, like me, sometimes are very reluctant to spend their money!-

HAIR from – : >TRUTH< Snow Drake (Holiday Gift!)

SKIN from – : <TheAbyss> [ SKIN ][ Dave Gears_Light ][ Stubble_Freckles ]

SCARF and UNDIES  from – : ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: (Wide scarf)  – (Plaid Boxers)

SWEATER from – : [Sleepy Eddy] Long Knit Cutsaw /Gray/

PANTS from – : .:VILLENA:. – Baggy Pants Brown


Essentials – The Coat – Sophistication

Coats/Jackets.. oh how I love you. I gotta admit it, I love a good coat/jacket! I have many in my inventory and it’s a fact that everyone needs at least 1! A few days ago I seen some people with very weird coats.. the coat was ripped and pink, of very poor quality and most likely cost a fortune! Well the coat I’m wearing today was a bargain price of only L$200. It comes in a multitude of colours and the quality is just amazing, I’d say it’s best coat for a man in SL. Seriously, to understand how great it is you must own it! I got it from ::[ Mr.Poet ]::

Now onto the rest of the outfit haha! I chose this look because I like to look ‘sophisticated’ and ‘sexy’ at the same time.. but without my ass or a giant orange cock hanging out! This is a simp;e everyday/anywhere kind of look. It’s a very simple look, but I’m a firm believer in ‘simple can be sexy!’.

The skin is from Redgrave and WOW it’s amazing! It’s a high-quality skin. Likely the best quality in SL (I search for skins A LOT). Also, surprisingly it’s cheaper than a bunch of the best skin shops, which is always nice. A real bargain and a must have (in my opinion).

I hope you guys like this look as much as I do. Keep checking back for more updates 🙂


Coat from – ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: (Pea coat / Black)

Skin from –***REDGRAVE (King / Linebeard / Body hair)

Shoes are KBOOTS / Link a few posts down

Glasses from – FNKY! (FNKY! Agent Glasses)

Hair from – Uncleweb Studio (Reed Hair/Mesh Black) (Freebie)

Pants from – Young Urban ([YU]- Wool Pants Grey)

Cardigan from – Valiant (*Valiant* Soft Black Cardigan 2)

Grey Vest from – MAKNIE** (Loose shirt(gray) 1 1)